The Pallet House Project - Brazil

The Pallet House Project - Brazil


The Pallet House Project, Brazil

The Pallet House Projects´ is located in Santa Catarina, Brazil. Its goal is to bring needy people into a life in dignity. This is granted by providing them with a small, well constructed house build of upcycled pallets.

Upcyling for dignity

This material is from pallets of BMW, Brazil witch normally ends of using and are burned to fire.

These pallets are now upcycled to a new life.

They bring through a German engeneering process by a new life to this raw materials and to the lifes of thousands of needy people living under poor conditions.

How this is done, you can read in the following journey and here in this post.

Follow us, guiding people into dignity.



Frank Mützer

Frank Mützer

Frank Mützer ist Erfinder und Geschäftsführer des Online Bauportals und begleitet gerne Menschen ihr Traumhaus zu realisieren. Er hat bereits zahlreiche Projekte aufgebaut in denen er sein Wissen unter Beweis gestellt hat. In diesem Blog erfährst du mehr über seine Expertise. Insbesonder über das " The Pallet House Project. "

Frank Mützer is the inventor and managing director of the online building portal and enjoys helping people realize their dream home. He has already built numerous projects in which he has put his knowledge to the test. You can find out more about his expertise in this blog. In particular about " The Pallet House Project. "


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